The agricultural activities developed by Groward Group encompass the entire crop cultivation cycle and include growing, harvesting, processing, sale and transportation of products. The management of the entire process is based on the understanding of different stages of this business and knowing what is relevant for the Lithuanian farmers supplying grains. For this reason, we are able to offer our partners favourable cooperation conditions – we are flexible and, whenever necessary, are able to negotiate relevant issues with every farmer individually.

Unlike large grain handlers and resellers, Groward Group is not oriented towards the quantities of products being bought in, but first of all towards organic and niche crops, innovative solutions and the creation of higher added value for partners. In order to remain flexible and meet the needs of customers promptly, we grow grain ourselves and buy it in from Lithuanian farmers, but we also cooperate with suppliers from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In 2017, we established the cereal crop cleaning and packaging division in Latvia featuring modern SORTEX grain sorting equipment, allowing us to purify the crops we offer by up to 99.95 %.

Organic Grain and Raw Materials

Continuously growing interest in organic grain products is noticeable both in the business area and among private customers on the majority of the markets. The improvement of processes in this particular field is what Groward Group focuses its attention on in its crop cultivation business.

Standard Grain and Raw Materials

Along with the organic crops business, Groward Group conducts international trade in standard grains. According to nutritionists, quality grains comprise the basis of the healthy food pyramid as they contain plenty of nutritious fibres and are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and energy. Moreover, grains are widely used in the preparation of various foods, Therefore, they will remain a universal product in the modern food industry for many years.


Following many years of operation in the crop production field, Groward Group has developed and effectively utilised modern grain warehouses with a total volume of 50,000 tons. We continuously consider feedback from farmers and improve our processes, allowing us to ensure smooth and efficient grain processing in the grain elevators managed by the company.