„Groward Group“

About us

Groward Group group of companies comprises several progressive and innovative agribusiness enterprises employing over 700 specialists. We are one of the fastest growing agricultural business groups in Lithuania. The main activity areas of Groward Group are eggs and egg products, poultry and grains. They are focused on ecology, natural products, and aim at high-quality products and services, as well as added value. A large share of production is exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries in Western Europe, Scandinavia and Asia.

Continuous growth and recognition of partners in these areas are guaranteed by particular attention of Groward Group to development of processes, employee competences and innovative solutions.

Groward Group, then VG Agro Holding, started its operations in 2012 after its incorporation by Viciunai Group, one of the largest and economically strongest producers of fish and other food products in Europe. It took five years of consistent growth and development of new agricultural businesses for the company to earn the trust of many Lithuanian farmers and foreign partners. In 2017, the company was ready to undertake independent business development, which was the start of the international agribusiness group of companies called Groward Group.

People work for the Groward Group
Main business areas

Groward Group produces high added value grain, poultry and egg niche products for businesses and private consumers. Said business area takes a priority position in the company’s activities – we are the largest egg and egg product suppliers in the Baltic States, where we were the first to offer a mass supply of “happy” eggs, and we relate the future of this business with non-caged eggs. Groward Group egg products have been evaluated by Unilever and Qatar Airways, as well as other globally operating companies in the fields of food production, trade, transport and others.

We also develop other agribusinesses and related activities – growing standards, organic and cereal crop, buying-in, storing and transporting of crops, developing sustainable crop production, and producing balanced feed.

ECO business

Groward Group pays special attention to ecology, natural properties and sustainable activities, both in the development of finished products for private users and the supply of business-oriented production and raw materials. We offer such organic and niche crops as lentils, linseed, chickpeas, mustard and hemp seeds, etc. to customers. We personally monitor the entire organic production chain – from grain cultivation, processing and transportation to the manufacturing of balanced Lithuanian feeds.

Our modern attitude to sustainable farming processes enables us to ensure smooth running of this chain. Groward Group continuously seeks the newest ecological trends, participates actively in key industrial events in Europe and beyond, and applies the innovations discovered during these events in its daily activities.

The group of agricultural business companies cooperates with local and foreign farmers, and has gathered a circle of reliable partners from Lithuania, Europe and Asia. This allows us to offer our customers eggs, meat and grain products conforming to the highest western standards. The quality is ensured by the stringent process control inside the company, as well as the external biannual audits (IFS and BRC) conducted by international quality auditors.