Organic Grain and Raw Materials

Continuously growing interest in organic grain products is noticeable both in the business area and among private customers on the majority of the markets. The improvement of processes in this particular field is what Groward Group focuses its attention on in its crop cultivation business.

Ever more people realise the health benefits of organic products. They are not genetically modified, and they are grown without any synthetic chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. These products are characterised by excellent nutritional properties, health and more vigorous flavours. The products cultivated by Groward Group and our partners are supplied to manufacturers of high quality food products in Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and Scandinavia. A large share of the products is realised on the local market; organically grown grains are used in food preparation, and will soon be included in feed production. It is the ecology, sustainable farming and development of these products that creates an increasing added value for farmers, consumers and our business.

As the popularity of organic products and feed is increasing, the demand in organic grains in different markets is rapidly growing. As is widely known, there are endless crops to be found in nature, which differ by taste, nutrients and application spectrum. Groward Group is specialising in the supply of a rather wide range of organic and exotic crops. We buy in and grow both regular and niche crops: linseed, hemp, soy, etc. Organic grains are sold in dumpers or FIBC, the quantity of which is determined according to the needs of the customer. The quality of Groward Group’s organic grains is ensured by the international eco certificates.