Following many years of operation in the crop production field, Groward Group has developed and effectively utilised modern grain warehouses with a total volume of 50,000 tons. We continuously consider feedback from farmers and improve our processes, allowing us to ensure smooth and efficient grain processing in the grain elevators managed by the company.

Adequate grain processing is the key aspect ensuring grain quality following the harvest. Therefore, Groward Group elevators operating in Lithuania provide complex grain loading, weighing, drying, cleaning and storage services. We purchase a particularly wide range of cereal crop and, whenever necessary, negotiate the offers and delivery time with the customers on an individual basis. For this reason, the farmers cooperating with Groward Group can expect prompt and professional service during any season.

The variety of cereal crop stored in the elevators allows us to supply grain cultivated in Lithuania for production of Groward Group feed. We supply feed of our production to all the group's poultry farms. We already feed the chickens using artificial additive-free feed, and we are moving towards organic poultry farming – launching production of organic feed.


Both in Europe and around the world, the interest of the public and businesses in organic products is rapidly growing. First of all because a refusal to use chemicals offers a number of multi-sided benefits: it helps to protect the environment and improve the soil, and it creates new workplaces in the regions. The most important aspect in ecology is traceability: the ability to guarantee conformity of the product’s quality and organic properties to the properties declared. Therefore, it is only natural to apply particularly stringent requirements to grain processing. The organic products are thrashed, cleaned and warehoused separately from regular grain, with special-purpose vehicles used for transportation.

Groward Group is a company with a modern approach to the crop cultivation business, while also carrying out active farming activities. Therefore, it is fully aware of the principles of sustainable farming. We follow the newest ecology trends, participate in the main foreign events of this industry and apply the acquired knowledge in our activities. This is what allows us to offer the customers of the group top quality organic grain products. The special lines designed for processing of organic products are available in the three elevators owned by the group – in Vievis, Staneliai and Leonpolis. Their modern technologies ensure that the purchased grains are adequately stored and organic properties are not compromised. The conformity to the key sustainability standards is confirmed by the product documents of origin and international ECO certificates.

Groward Group is expected to soon increase the processing capacity of organic crops in its elevators, and to start the production of organic feed. This will allow us to offer organic feed to chickens in the organic poultry farms located nearby.


The most important aspects in grain purchasing are flexibility, promptness and efficiency. Therefore, the elevators of Groward Group operating in Vievis, Staneliai, Leonpolis and Riga are located in places that are strategically convenient for farmers, while long opening hours, farmer-oriented service and modern technologies ensure that the grain purchasing process in the elevators is running smoothly and expeditiously. The modern standard grain processing lines installed in these elevators allow for maximum purification of products and batching according to individual customer needs. The grain warehouses in Leonpolis and Vievis are also provided with laboratories, enabling us to evaluate the product quality on-site.

One of the biggest advantages of the group’s elevators is the wide possibilities of processing regular and exotic crops. We process food and feed wheat, rye, triticale, barley, oat, maize, peas, beans, rapes and other crops. In the future, we are planning to expand both our grain processing capacities and our range of products. Thanks to the multifunctional equipment and skilled staff, Groward Group earned its partner’s status on the market.

A large share of the elevator functions includes feed production. The elevators at Vievis and Leonpolis feature fully automated feed production shops supplying feed to the group’s poultry farms. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure the quality of healthy feed for laying hens. Otherwise, we would be unable to ensure the quality of the finished products for our partners in Lithuania and abroad. We manufacture feed only according to the carefully developed recipes designed in cooperation with veterinary professionals. Thus, we are able to offer time-tested, high quality feed products to our customers, and we can produce them in the composition preferred by customers.