RIDO barn (happy) eggs

Happy with no experience of a cage or stress and warmed by feathers. These eggs have been laid under humane conditions by barn reared chicken, which feel free and are able to have a walk as they wish. For this reason, such birds lay happy eggs for us. Opting for the RIDO barn eggs people come a step closer to a conscious, sustainable and responsible approach towards our environment and animal welfare.

All Rido eggs have been paid by Lithuanian-grown hens and are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. A RIDO egg is a genuine source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and a broad range of minerals.

As well as other eggs from this brand, RIDO HAPPY are the first eggs in Lithuania and the Baltic states marked with the “Antibiotic-free” label. The eggs were laid by hens that grew up healthy and have never been treated with antibiotics.

Country of origin: Lithuania
Quantity: 10 eggs and 6 eggs
Class: A
Sizes: 318 g, 530 g, 630 g.
Egg marking: 2 – barn eggs