Egg powder

The product is free from preservatives and additives. It is a pure egg product.

Product benefits:
  • Long shelf life
  • No shells or mess
  • Efficient
  • Ready to use
  • Convenient storage
  • Natural product free from preservatives and additives
Poultry rearing systems/ Laying hen housing conditions:
  • Organic chicken eggs
  • Free-range eggs
  • Barn eggs
  • Cage eggs
Available packaging:
  • 25 kg
Storage conditions:
  • Shelf life: 40 months
  • Temperature: +10 - +25 °C
Country of origin: Lithuania

Use: thanks to strict and safe hygiene standards applicable to the product, the production method maintains a wide range of application options for egg powder. Suitable for preparing dishes containing chicken eggs: scrambled eggs, omelettes, pastries, pancakes, quiches, cakes and pasta.