ChickFit is the first product in the entire poultry goods category that is marinated only with natural spices and supplied to consumers in the oven-safe packaging. ChickFit meat packs are low-calorie, salted using Himalayan salt and seasoned with pepper, basil, rosemary and other herbs.


The success of ChickFit product encouraged Groward Group to continue focusing on the growing groups of healthy food followers and expand the range of fast preparation meat products. For this reason we considered the premium grade white meat – turkey. This is a particularly nutritious food preferred by a growing group of modern consumers. This meat contains high levels of protein and selenium, and it can improve sleep quality, helps fight excessive weight and poor moods, and lowers “bad” cholesterol levels.


Many modern consumers prefer home-cooked meals with refined flavours, but do not want to make a mess and spend too much time in the kitchen. Therefore, Groward Group created and launched the high quality, fast preparation product ChickIn, which is supplied in an oven-safe packaging.