Grill Chicken

For those looking for a healthier summer meal alternative, Groward Group offers to try ChickFit Grill. ChickFit Grill is a pack of chicken meat, seasoned with natural spices and Himalayan salt. The product was created for cooking on a grill or BBQ. Due to the method of preparation, the product contains a splash of oil, which improves the texture of meat and keeps it juicy during cooking.

Dry rub shashlik

Shashlik, titled traditional meal of summer, is usually heavy, high fat and indigestible food. For this reason, Groward Group created a healthier product alternative – dry rub shashlik, made of chicken, turkey and lean pork meat. Instead of using greasy liquid sauces, these meat chunks are seasoned only with natural spices, which make them healthier and easy to digest. 


Groward Group offers low calorie grill products, which are still quite rare in the meat industry. These products are made of lean marinated chicken, veal and a little less popular meat – lamb. The meat is seasoned with seeds and herbs, selected perfectly for each meat type in order to reveal its subtle taste and smell.