Groward Group is oriented towards production of high-quality niche products. Company owns several poultry-processing enterprises that produce boiled poultry, frozen kosher chicken, ready-to-cook chicken and turkey products. These products are exported to Scandinavian region and Western countries, such as France, Germany, Netherlands and others. Alongside poultry, Groward Group produces low-calorie red meat products made of veal, lamb and pork. Group’s meat production is highly valued by supermarket customers, industry clients and partners from all over Europe.


ChickFit is the first product in the entire poultry goods category that is marinated only with natural spices and supplied to consumers in the oven-safe packaging. ChickFit meat packs are low-calorie, salted using Himalayan salt and seasoned with pepper, basil, rosemary and other herbs.

Grill Chicken

For those looking for a healthier summer meal alternative, Groward Group offers to try ChickFit Grill. ChickFit Grill is a pack of chicken meat, seasoned with natural spices and Himalayan salt. The product was created for cooking on a grill or BBQ. Due to the method of preparation, the product contains a splash of oil, which improves the texture of meat and keeps it juicy during cooking.


The success of ChickFit product encouraged Groward Group to continue focusing on the growing groups of healthy food followers and expand the range of fast preparation meat products. For this reason we considered the premium grade white meat – turkey. This is a particularly nutritious food preferred by a growing group of modern consumers. This meat contains high levels of protein and selenium, and it can improve sleep quality, helps fight excessive weight and poor moods, and lowers “bad” cholesterol levels.


Many modern consumers prefer home-cooked meals with refined flavours, but do not want to make a mess and spend too much time in the kitchen. Therefore, Groward Group created and launched the high quality, fast preparation product ChickIn, which is supplied in an oven-safe packaging. 

Kosher Chicken

Groward Group is an international food producer whose kosher chicken products have been recognised in Western Europe. Our production technology allows us to remain flexible and manufacture products in accordance with different Jewish food preparation laws, which regulate strictly kosher food manufacture and processing. All the processes at the poultry slaughterhouse in Poland are supervised and monitored by Rabbis from Israel.

Dry rub shashlik

Shashlik, titled traditional meal of summer, is usually heavy, high fat and indigestible food. For this reason, Groward Group created a healthier product alternative – dry rub shashlik, made of chicken, turkey and lean pork meat. Instead of using greasy liquid sauces, these meat chunks are seasoned only with natural spices, which make them healthier and easy to digest. 


Groward Group offers low calorie grill products, which are still quite rare in the meat industry. These products are made of lean marinated chicken, veal and a little less popular meat – lamb. The meat is seasoned with seeds and herbs, selected perfectly for each meat type in order to reveal its subtle taste and smell.